LE Evaluation Computer Forms
A complete Employee Evaluation Form program for Law Enforcement Agencies


LE Evaluation Digital Manual
 A complete Employee Evaluation software program for Police Supervisors & FTOs

Ordering information Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Forms For Police Agencies


Ordering information Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Manual  For Police Supervisors & FTOs

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( Frequently Asked Questions)


1. What is the Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Manual?

The Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Manual was created specifically for Police Supervisors and  FTOs, for the purpose of making the job writing evaluations much easier. The manual contains over 1000 bullet phrases that describe every performance trait or characteristic imaginable in a highly articulate and tactful manner. All just a click of your mouse away.  The bullet phrases are broken down into various major law enforcement type categories, such as decision making, judgment, problem solving, report writing, reliability and on and on. 

When writing your evaluations you simply copy the phrases that fit a particular employee into your evaluation.  This is a very SIMPLE , time saving way to write evaluations. You never have to worry about spelling, grammar or contents. You assess employee performance and the Manual suggests clear, articulate descriptions of the performance results. Write Perfect Evaluations In 1/3 the time. Click Here for more info: LE Evaluation Digital Manual

2. When can I download the Program? When will I receive the CD?

If you order using a credit card or I-check you will NOT be directed to a web page for immediate download. The download emails are sent to customers three times a day, late morning, late afternoon and late evening. Our customers have the program within 24 hours. Usually within 5 hours. Each order is reviewed for accuracy by a real person to protect our customers from ordering mistakes. Online Orders are processed and sent throughout the day! Most received within 3 hours. 

We also send you a CD with the Tool Box program via priority mail. It should arrive within 2 weeks. More likely you will receive it within a week.

 3. Do I have to be online to use the program?

No. You DO NOT  have to be online to use the program. Unlike some programs the Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Program is a standalone program, downloaded to your computer to use anytime you want online or offline. Some programs require you to be online to use their program. You will also receive a program CD, enabling you to install the program on multiple computers.  

4. What if my computer crashes or the program is accidentally deleted and I loose the program?

We will send you an email with a download link and another CD with the program at no additional charge. We will also show you how to recover lost files.

5. What is the Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Program?

    Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital (Form) Program is employee evaluation computer based forms especially for law enforcement agencies. These Full-Featured Forms and Intuitive software makes your employee evaluation process easier, faster, and much more effective!

    The program contains fully functional computer based forms based on SEGs (Standard Evaluation Guidelines) for law enforcement. Each performance category contains SEGs based justification anchors. This reduces bias and the question of fairness in the evaluation report process. If a rater indicates acceptable or unacceptable performance on a given report, he/she must select a justification statement to support their conclusion.

    Here are some of the features:

  • Automates the formal performance appraisal.

  • The ability to enter the organization/department's name on the top Each form.

  • Print option for all forms.

  • Evaluation reports include point and click dropdown menus for each category, containing evaluation phrases (Anchors). With the ability to click multiple phrases under each category. 

  • Allows for standard review periods and special one time review periods. The system allows for special review periods (i.e. daily observation report, weekly observation report, monthly review, 6 month evaluation and annual evaluation) to be set up at any time on any person. Any time period may be specified for any individual as needed.  

7. What are the System Requirements?

LEEDP is compatible with both Windows and MAC.

8. Is the LEEDP right for your department?

The Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Program was created for any department looking for easy to use computer based evaluation forms. If you fall into that category and if your department is ready to automate its formal performance appraisal system, then this program is right for you.

Your Department can have a complete computer based appraisal forms —for a low initial investment. 

We also offer basic customization. For more info please contact us at support@policepath.com or 262-641-7014.

CLICK HERE: For More Information about the Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Program:

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