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The Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Manual Takes The Work Out Of Writing Performance Evaluations. The Manual Enables you to write highly articulate, effective evaluations that  specifically reflects employees performance. Your evaluations will have a positive impact on employee performance. Your evaluations will direct employees  toward higher performance standards.  And with the Manual you will be able to write evaluations easier and much faster.

Police Supervisors And FTOs: Now You Can Eliminate Hours And Hours Of Paper Work Every Year!

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End Review Time Anxiety , Forever !
One reason reviews are dreaded by many employees and reviewers is:
There's a delicate balance between reviews that sound like constructive criticism and reviews that sound like personal attacks. 

If they sound like a personal attack the reviewer is viewed as a Micro-Manager instead of a Coach/Leader. It's all in the way it's worded and presented. The Manual helps you reinforce the positive aspects of your employee's performance and offer constructive criticism.

"If It Were Any Easier The Evaluations Would Write Themselves." 
 Police Evaluation Digital Manual ! 

Here are some additional features:

The difference between the registered version and the demo version of Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Manual

-All links on the registered version are active. 

Which means you'll have the benefits of over 1000 police performance phrases to use in your evaluations. You will be able to tactfully describe employee's strong performances and their need for improvement.  Also this will enable you to write evaluations and in much less time. Simply plug the phrases into your department's evaluation form . 

-In the registered version there is a special segment containing real life evaluations written by veteran law enforcement supervisors and field training officers.  These evaluations will show you what important criteria ftos and Supervisors consider when writing their evaluations.  You'll get inside the heads of  experienced police raters.  You'll know what they say in their assessments to motivate their people. 

Clear, consistent employee reviews are essential for getting maximum performance from your people. 

You can actually copy the evaluations or parts of them and paste them into your department's evaluation form. 

-Another special segment includes important performance categories. 

What are the most important police performance traits? 

Police work is such a diverse field that pinpointing what defines a good police officer is difficult. 

Some officers write a lot of traffic tickets.  Some make a lot of arrests. Some can tactfully handle hostile situations. 

In the police profession individual officers can excel at different aspects of the job and be an asset to the organization.  But there are some common threads that make certain people quality police officers. 

For instance the ability to make sound decisions quickly and effectively is a highly desired trait. Supervisors become irritated with employees who over rely on their intervention in the decision making process.  Some officers call a supervisor because they want to deflect responsibility.  "Cover their @$$. " 

A valuable police officer is a problem solver, uses good judgment and makes sound decisions.

They have the ability to analyze a problem, find viable solutions, and have enough faith in their judgment to make sound decisions.  Sometimes these decisions have to be made very quickly.  An officer's discretion includes making arrests and using force, including deadly force.  They do not have the benefit of having a supervisor with them at all times to assist in their decision making process.  That's why it's so important they have the ability to think on their feet. 

Of course a  good organization will help subordinates become good decision makers by creating the proper environment. They will give their employees clear guidelines regarding their duties and responsibilities. And then support their decisions whenever their decisions are based on their training  and the facts and circumstances in regards to the situation. Even if it was less than perfect. 

In this segment you'll learn how to write evaluations that reflect these important characteristics. The phrases in this segment 
provide a working guideline for officers to become better problem solvers and decision makers. 

- Another segment shows evaluators how to use the written word to motivate their people.  A secret that many savvy supervisors have used to gain compliance and loyalty from the people they supervise. 

Daniel Webster said; "If all my possessions and powers were taken away from me with one exception, I would choose to keep the power of words, because by them I would recover the rest."

This segment describes a simple but very effective way to motivate the people you supervise using the power of the written word and one of the most effective rules of the psychology of persuasion. 

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Evaluation Forms
We added a new segment to the Digital Manual that includes several examples of standard law enforcement employee evaluation forms.

The forms that we included give supervisors and FTOs the best opportunity to focus on important employee organizational performance.

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