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The Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Manual Takes The Work Out Of Writing Performance Evaluations. Evaluating employees is one of the most difficult time consuming task a supervisor or FTO can face. What to write ... How to write it ... When to find the time! 

With The LE Evaluation Digital Manual You Can Make A Difficult And Time Consuming Job Easy!

Write good employee evaluations easier and faster and save hours and hours of paper work each year - guaranteed The L E Evaluation Digital Manual contains over a 1000 phrases and a 100 paragraphs describing police performance that can be instantly copied and pasted into your department's evaluation form. Never scratch your head again thinking about what to write next.

Police Supervisors And FTOs: Now You Can Eliminate Hours And Hours Of Difficult Paper Work Every Year!

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"If It Were Any Easier The Evaluations Would Write Themselves." 

 Police Evaluation Digital Manual !

With the LE Evaluation Manual
you can write good employee evaluations easier and faster and eliminate hours and hours of paper work each year!

It's an amazingly easy way to write good evaluations. You'll see how some FTOs and supervisors have been able to eliminate the drudgery when writing employee evaluations. 

You'll create highly articulate and effective documentation that reflect import performance traits such as problem-solving, judgment and decision making to name only a few. 

End those generic and usually meaningless comments like " trainee  shows enthusiasm, is neat in appearance, and is punctual in attendance. " 

This product has been carefully put together to make writing evaluations easier than ever before. There are categories listed for every conceivable law enforcement performance trait. 

Writing evaluations is now as easy as point and click ,copy and paste. It's easier and faster than ever before. Write performance evaluation in 10 to 15 minutes that normally take you 45 minutes to an hour. 

Each major performance category has its own link located in the Index section. All you have to do to find the category you want is go to the Index and click on its link. Your chosen category's page will then appear. You then follow a few easy steps to create your evaluation

It's as simple as finding the evaluation category that fits the employee you are evaluating. You then copy the phrase(s) that relates most closely to the employees performance. 

You then paste the phrase(s) into your departments form. It's that easy.

We even  added a segment called Evaluation Ideas that gives you examples of actual evaluations of particular types of police 
officers such as the active officer, the veteran officer, the thorough officer, the officer assigned to a special detail, the new officer etc.. 

All you have to do is find the one that fits the officer that you are evaluating, copy the evaluation paragraph and paste it into your department's form. Basically, you use the same steps that you use for copying and pasting the performance phrases. With the Evaluation Ideas you can mix and match, adding and deleting phrases until your evaluation closely fits the employee you're evaluating. 

We listed Officer Smith as the officer on all of our evaluations idea examples. This was done to make it easier for you to transform your evaluations to fit whatever officer you are evaluating. You simply click the edit option on your computer's option bar, locate replace  click it on and replace Smith with the name of the officer you are evaluating. 

Evaluation Ideas examples: 

Identify area (s) where employee does well or excels:

The thorough officer that pays attention to detail:
Officer Smith shows professional concern for the quality of her work. She demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness in performing her duties. As a result the quality of her work is  generally high. Her cooperative nature builds positive relationships with her co-workers and her supervisors. She requires minimum supervision and displays a high degree of initiative. 

The active officer who's quantity of work is consistently high:
Officer Smith consistently produces more than expected. His activity in the area of traffic and field interrogation is consistently well above standard. He makes a substantial contribution to the Department's goals in traffic enforcement. He requires minimum supervision, demonstrates a high level of initiative and is judicious in carrying out assignments without direction. 

This is just two examples listed under Evaluation Ideas that you can use to make writing evaluations easier and faster.

"If it were any easier the evaluations would write themselves."

 The Law Enforcement Evaluation Digital Manual Is Only $49.00 

P.S. Write good employee evaluations easier and faster and save hours and hours of paper work each year - guaranteed. 

The Manual enables you to write highly articulate, top quality evaluations that specifically reflects employees performance. Your evals will have a positive and powerful impact on employee performance. They will direct employees toward high performance standards. And will greatly reduce the time you spend on writing evaluations. 

No more wasted time searching for the right ideas or correct words or phrases to use in your eval. You'll know exactly what to say. 

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If you order the digital manual within 20 days we will give you the Manual for the special price of only $37.00. 

Minimum System Requirements 
  The Digital Manual has been designed to run under Windows /98/2000/ME/XP/Vista    

The manual is also available in a hard copy edition

The Hard Copy Edition is also only $42

If you order within the next 30 days you can get the Hard Copy Edition Manual for $37.00

Plus receive an additional bonus - we will send you the Special Edition Manual that is constructed with a laminated cover and thick ply backing for long lasting durability (an additional $5.00 value at no extra charge). A total of a $10.00 savings if you act now.  Your manual will be shipped to you First Class for quick delivery.

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Evaluation Forms
We added a new segment to the Digital Manual that includes several examples of standard law enforcement employee evaluation forms.

The forms that we included give supervisors and FTOs the best opportunity to focus on important employee organizational performance.

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